Is China Liberal Education Holdings Limited Stocks (nasdaq clue) Worth Investing?

For those who are looking for a viable stock market trading option and is looking for growth stocks, can take China Liberal Education Holdings Limited stocks into consideration. Read ahead to find out if the NASDAQ: CLEU stocks at are a good option to invest or not.

Fiscal performance

At the end of June, China Liberal Education Holdings Limited presented its financial results for the year 2019. Their core objective of making sure that each student in china should get proper education is something that has driven their good performance. The fiscal reports of 2019 show that the year had a good run in terms of revenue, and also earned a growth of revenue on a year to year basis of 9.3%. The revenue increased from $4.81 million to $5.26 million. This surge in earnings is due to smart campus solutions and consulting services.

The gross profit of the company decreased in the fiscal year 2019 by 10.0% as it dropped from $2.11 million to $1.90. The gross profit margin also decreased from 43.9% to 36.1% in 2019. On the other hand, in the operating expenses, the selling expenses reduced while the administrative expenses increased. The selling expenses decreased by 15.7% and the administration expenses increases by 35.1%. All this is showing positive fundamentals of the company and that it is doing good in terms of finances.

Current stock performance

As a very new stock in the market, it has shown real promise in the last days. Since then NASDAQ: CLEU has shown an upward movement as it grew by 450% since its start of trading. The analysts are stating these stocks as high performance and thus are touted as a promising investing avenue.

In the recent, trading session the stock prices of China Liberal Education Holdings Limited, went up by 11.72%. The last closing price was $3.84 at the volume of a total of 124,046 shares. However, in the last trading session, the price of the shares increased by $0.45. In the last years times, China Liberal Education Holdings Limited stocks had earnings per share of $0.09. This makes the overall price to earnings ratio of the company to be at 48.98.

About China Liberal Education Holdings Limited

China Liberal Education Holdings Limited is an educational services and solutions firm catering to and in China. It has various subsidiaries that hold various programs in the educational and service sector. Some of the major segments and programs include overseas study consulting, joint education programs, smart campus solutions, textbook sales, etc.

Final words

China Liberal Education Holdings Limited is a company that currently showing major promises in terms of investments and growth. The price of the share is growing and the current fiscal report also showed promise in terms of revenue and growth.  You can do stock trading via the stock app with options trading. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.