Every Boss Lady’s favourite: Pin-striped Power Suit

For all the ladies out there, if you’re planning to explore power dressing and wondering what to add to your wardrobe collection, Voila! Just grab this tailored pinstripe suit to up your fashion game. It is not like any other regular office pant suit that you’ve tried before. It almost goes good for every occasion, just requiring some statement accessories and a tad bit of styling. Celebrities have often looked up to power dressing to attend award functions, promotions, music launches and at times even parties. So, that explains how such a simple dress can speak a lot for you. Recently, Sonam Kapoor was seen wearing a full pinstripe suit to an award function which received a lot of positive acclamation. Many women are donning this look and you could do it too. Pant suits can go well with a padded bralette or a lacy corset too, not just with blazers and shirts.

It is a nice mix of a wide-legged pants with a striped pattern and the top comes with a unique detailing at the edges and has a small lacy layer in the middle which highlights and complements the whole outfit, giving it as much sass as necessary. The outfit needs next to no accessorizing. Just a pair of strappy heels and some statement earrings. As a plus, the Co-Ord set has a padded corset giving you the desired shape. Instead of going for the traditional suit, what Kerry Parker has done, in a subtle manner, is a lot delicate detailing that can give this suit a feminine touch. The pant is high-waist, hugging just about your waistline, giving you a really curvy appearance.

All that everybody tells you is that you should stick to the basics, but, don’t we have a really short life to be wearing basic and boring clothes? If they really think wearing wide legged pants makes you look like an old woman, please ask them to speak for themselves. If that was really the case, celebs wouldn’t be having their outfits purposely designed this way. Wide-legged pants have slowly sneaked their way into the modern women’s fashion and are not going to fade away, any time in the near future. Many celebrities are slowly making a move towards wearing co-ords with wide-legged pants. This makes Kerry Parker’s Pinstripe Power suit, a force to reckon with. You can wear it to your office with a nice coat on top giving you a nice, clean and professional outfit. If you wish to stand out and experiment with your look pair the pants with a padded bralette and a pair of strappy heels. Just put on some simple accessories to your taste which match the outfit and the right pair of strappy heels to finish it off.

If padded bralette is a bit too much for you, pair the pants with a plain black tee and a blazer or a crisp white shirt. The corset top can be paired with a pencil skirt or well fitted pants. You see how a single outfit can be used to create many statement look given the right styling.

So ladies, after all this you’ve seen and read, you are just a click away from becoming the next fashion sensation. Just grab your phone and get your pair of Kerry Parker’s Pinstripe Power Suit before it runs out of stock. Remember! It’s custom-made and also a limited edition. So, you know, the earliest one emerges the winner.