Tips to make the best artificial floral arrangements for home

Fresh flower arrangements give the best finishing touch to a property. Though fresh blooms look beautiful when they are arranged, it is inevitable for them to wilt and dye just in a few days. Even sturdy indoor plants can wither and wilt in dry temperatures.

Is there any solution?

Artificial flower arrangements are the alternate solution to this problem. Faux flowers have a bad reputation, but sola wood flowers have changed the trend completely. Sola flowers are a completely transformed state of traditional unreal artificial blooms. Originally sola flowers are made of natural product, and they are considered as most eco-friendly flowers. Sola flower arrangements can make a home look more luxurious with deficient maintenance. Let’s discuss some key points to arrange an artificial floral arrangement for home:

Sola flower choices for home:

Original flowers offer limited flower options depending upon what is in the season while with sola flowers your flower choice can seem to occupy an endless list. The sola wooden flowers like Gerber Daisies, Gardenia, Roses, Tulips, Lilies, Craspedia, and Alstroemeria work incredibly well in any interior.

Sola wood floral arrangements matching with furniture:

Floral arrangements can easily complement your interior and enhance the charm and grace of furniture inside your home. It is always good to pair your sola flower arrangements vibrant and dark colors with furniture pieces with more deep colors. Never make color too similar to the furniture; otherwise, the arrangement won’t get any attention. For bright colored centre or side tables, you can choose bright-colored sola flowers.

Flower arrangement colors that will enhance your home:

To get the maximum from your sola flower arrangements, you need a quick step back and look at the theme of every room. To improve your home interior, it is necessary to blend the floral arrangements with the theme of your indoor. For the room with bold hues and bright interior use bright and light colors for the flowers and vases. Use light color vase for bright sola wood flowers and place light colored sola flowers in gorgeous vases.

If your room interior is displaying earthy hues, choose soft colored flowers with neutral-tone vases to boost the room interior.

Tips to make flowers arrangements look realistic:

  • To give your sola flower arrangement a more realistic look, it is advised to consider the current season. If it is summer or spring season go with light and pastel colors such as sky blue, citrus, and pink while for winter season make things soft and bright with white and silver color flowers. When it comes, autumn chose bright and vibrant color flowers for arrangements. The color options could be burgundy, yellow, amber, rust, or red.
  • To generate a more natural look, combine the sola flower arrangement with real greenery.
  • By adding colored water in a transparent vase with flowers can also give it a more original feel.

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